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"I DO LOVE my Meduci MW-2A PLL AM stereo tuner, and it is working great!   I am an AM radio DX'er, and was very impressed with the attention to great TLC protective packaging.   I love the new design with LED bar graph signal strength meter, and digital LED frequency readout - which are very important to me, being an AM radio DX'er.   I am only using the Grundig AN-200 indoor tunable loop antenna.   The NARROW tuning switch setting is very selective tuning, and the tuner seems to be very sensitive!   I am now a 100% satisfied customer.   I am a Ham Radio operator, and a technical writer for our local Ham Radio Club newsletter.   I think I just might have to do a feature review on the Meduci MW-2A AM Stereo Tuner for our newsletter.   I look forward to exploring the AM band to greater measure with your great AM Stereo Tuner!   I am going to have to explore both daytime and night time to see what I can find for AM stereo stations too.   I have discovered a new network of AM/FM radio stations that play deep cut, album, and Classic Rock, and also have brought Beaker Street back again on Friday nights from 9:00 P.M till Midnight.   It is so cool to hear Classic Rock on AM radio." -- Michael S. from Rogers, Arkansas USA.

"Thank you for an amazing product. ...   I can hear ALL THE STATIONS now in crystal clarity!   I have friends with AM stations around here that are considering adding C-QUAM exciters to their mono stations, with THIS tuner being THE deciding factor for them.   We choose to have AM Stereo not because it is easy, but because it is hard." -- Matthew L. from Enid, Oklahoma USA.

"Hands down: BEST sounding AM tuner ever.   I have compared this to a Carver TX-11b on AM.   The Meduci wins.   I just placed an order for another Meduci tuner.   I can’t say enough good things about them.   I’ll be using this with a Wellbrook antenna.   VERY sensitive (recommend using attenuation with an outdoor antenna), and very selective.   Take good care, and keep up the good work." -- Bryne H. from Eugene, Oregon, USA.

"I just have to say, excellent job!   I love it!   It has the sound qualities of the Carver TX-11a, yet it DX's better, and pulls in the weak stations around here during the day much better than the Carver.   I also love the size.   It will be easy to travel with this tuner.   Every now and again, I go to Laughlin NV, and KYET from Golden Valley/Kingman comes in.   I can hardly wait to bring this tuner with me and hear them in Stereo!!   Speaking of AM Stereo, it is just such a shame that many people don't know how good AM sounds.   We got ripped off for all these decades with these crummy tuners.   I will never understand it.   Even if the station is not in Stereo as 99% of them are [not], it still sounds amazing and in my opinion, better than FM.   Anyways, thanks again for building such a magnificent tuner." -- Darryl C. from Desert Hot Springs, California, USA.

KYET received on meduci MW-2A PLL tuner.

"Good signal and sound -- shame there isn't a stereo AM program in New Zealand.   My apartment is in the CBD where there is lots of RFI.   The MW transmitters are based at Titahi Bay and Horokiwi (two sites) that are approx 14 and 6.5 miles in a line from my home.   I am using a PK Loops wideband indoor loop antenna in this noisy CBD location.   It's not practical to use a tuneable loop, as I have located the wideband up and away from AV and computer equipment.   I'll take tuner to Australia next time I go, to test the stereo reception and sound.   Thank you for all of your assistance, which is much appreciated." -- David K. from Wellington, New Zealand.

MW-2A PLL Tuner actually used in New Zealand.

"I just had a chance to test my initial impressions of the meduci MW-2A [PLL tuner].   I only use my ears, and didn't measure anything.   The meduci provides the most remarkably low noise and clear sound, in a challenging so-called "local" reception area.   When I switched it on, I immediately heard the improvement-- frankly, impossible not to notice-- over the rotation of AM and MW tuners I had been using.   Thank you for taking the time to develop this tuner.   It confirms in my mind that superior sound comes from excellent design and engineering, quality parts, and careful construction.   This was my quick impression.   As I plan to use this tuner daily for many hours, I will be able to provide longer-term impressions, as I discover the meduci performance in different weather, seasons, etc.   The station I typically tune is 5,000 watts (1,000 watts nighttime) at a distance of 16.2 miles.   I would call this "distant," and good reception is very, very challenging.   Nighttime is obviously noisier, but I still get an intelligible signal that can be listened to, without straining the ears.   I'm using a Wellbrook loop antenna.   The newest Wellbrook Low-Noise (LN) ALA-1530LN loop works wonders to pull the best signal possible.   It connects with a 50-ohm cable with BNC termination, so thanks for the adapter.   As for other tuners, the Fanfare FTA-100 also provides excellent results but is long out-of-production.   The Inovonics Inomini #674 is pretty good and I had been using it for the past year or so.   Now I'm putting the Meduci into my system in place of the Inomini, and will note the results as they become apparent to me.   Thanks." -- Hayden B. from Vienna, Virginia, USA

"The [meduci MW-2A PLL] tuner is here! I only had about 20 minutes to mess with it on my lunch break, but it looks and sounds really nice, and I was very pleasantly surprised at its ability to pull in marginal signals with excellent quality audio.   Thanks for the radio, and I'm looking forward to getting home from work (jeez, I really ought to be working right now) and checking it out some more." -- Eric G. from Culpeper, Virginia, USA

"The MW-2A [PLL tuner] arrived yesterday evening.   Everything made it in fine shape.   I spent a good part of today trying out the tuner with a C.Crane Twin Coil Ferrite active remotely-tunable antenna.   It did receive WGN 720 and WBBM 890 from Chicago (200 miles southwest from here) very well in the late afternoon about two hours before twilight, very nicely.   There is such a fire-storm of digital noise inside the house from switching power supplies, flat-panel TVs, USB chargers, LED bulbs, etc. that about the only thing I can hear clearly inside [from other tuners] is WKAR-AM 870 (Michigan State University's 10kW daytime-only AM outlet) about eight miles from me.   I go to a lot of hamfests and swap meets, where I sell a massive bundle of ham-related software on DVDs and flash drives.   (And occasionally old radio gear.)   I will be setting up the AM-stereo transmit installation as a demo and attention-getter at my table.   The receive setup on the table will be the [meduci] MW-2A [PLL tuner] with a pair of Riva Audio Arena speakers.   These are high-quality Bluetooth speakers (also have an analog 3.5mm jack) powered by a 50-watt 3-channel class-D amp inside each unit, that actually produce real bass.   Today, I just received a Tecsun AM-100 passive tunable loop antenna from Amazon.   This is an antenna very similar to the Terk, but has a flat base that will make it easy to Velcro to my demo table.   It also has a coax output with a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable, that mates perfectly to the MW-2A's antenna jack, instead of the twinlead of the Terk.   Tuning around the band, the audio from the combination of the MW-2A and the Riva speaker is absolutely amazing - essentially FM quality. -- Stephen, WA8LMF, Haslett, MI, USA

"One word: FABULOUS.   Even better than I had hoped for, the recommended [Terk] antenna is a great match for the tuner.   All I need now are a few STEREO stations.   Frequencies that were unlistenable are now clear and PLEASANT to hear.   Near FM quality in my reception area.   MANY thanks, again." -- Arnie C. from Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

"I just purchased the hand-made meduci high fidelity AM Stereo tuner and set it up at home.   It sounds great!   All the receivable Portland AM's come in clearly with minimal static.   Using the tunable Terk AM Advantage Antenna, 860 KPAM is received well with only minor splatter from 840 KKNX.   Using the meduci wideband AM stereo tuner, I can easily tell which AM stations are broadcasting high quality audio in Eugene.   Surprisingly, 1120 KPNW is one of the best sounding AM's in the market.   590 KUGN has some audible distortion, while 1120 KPNW sounds clean and crisp, much like FM.   1600 KOPB also sounds very good.   This is the best sounding AM tuner I have ever heard!   The high fidelity and sensitivity of this tuner make AM radio sound very good!   Thank you for this wonderful product!" -- Aaron S., Eugene, Oregon, USA

"Just wanted to send you a note and tell you that I received your tuner last week.   I finally got a chance to hook it up and listen tonight.   I employed an old McKay Dymek DA-9 tuned antenna from the late 1980's.   It's amplified, but I set the gain barely-above "on" -- the absolute minimum (at 7 o'clock with little if any gain beyond what the foot-long attached ferrite bar would provide).   The entire AM band was alive in a way I have not heard since I was a kid listening on a "decent" AM radio of that era.   The first thing I noticed was the [audio] bandwidth -- BRAVO!   Strong stations sounded like FM!   The very-weakest stations could be tuned and be listenable.   The combo of the DA-9 and your tuner yielded BETTER RECEPTION RESULTS than I get with my C. Crane Radio and long wire-fed ICOM R71!   GREAT JOB... I have been listening to local 1580 WIFE, a station that was recently rebuilt with a new Broadcast Electronics rig and a top-of-the-line Omnia box.   This station demodulated by your tuner sounds BETTER than any standing Indianapolis and Cincinnati FM station.   I had to grab a stiff drink when I heard the result (big smile).   RECEPTION REPORT: Radio Disney on 1560 from NYC in eastern Indiana at 10PM (a "local" is on 1580) with NO PROBLEM...   Such was barely-audible on my C. Crane Radio.   You designed a good AM receiver!   IT WORKS, and I enjoy it!   THANKS for your effort...   I'll spread the word. ...   There is ONE station emphatically-dedicated to this fading transmission method—900 WNMB in the Myrtle Beach, SC market.   They play "oldies" IN AM STEREO, and its LOCAL OWNER tirelessly-promotes that.   I occasionally cruise up the SC coast to within their service area with the Meduci tuner plugged into a muscular Sony boom-box.   The audio offering is AWESOME!   "Back Home In Indiana", demure 250-watt 1580 WIFE —Connersville in mono offers a retrograde music format thru a recent BE rig and Omnia 5EX audio processor.   On the Meduci I tote there – plugged into an external Soundblaster USB audio interface to an old Dell laptop PC feeding a Klipsh THX-certified 2.0 sound system, WIFE near-perfectly mimics an FM band listening experience [albeit mono].   The contract engineer there ["Bob On The Job"] DOES NOT restrict permissible transmission bandwidth [it's "glorious 9.9kHz NRSC"].   I'd settle for that, and a tuner that can *really* demodulate such!" -- Tom S. from Connersville, Indiana, USA

"I received my radio from you around mid-February 2008 and I just wanted to express to you how pleased I am.   I work in Public Radio and most people around me don't realize how good AM Radio can sound.   Every chance I have I pull people in my office and let them listen.   They are all amazed.   Our engineers are impressed, and these guys are not easily impressed.   We do side-by-side comparisons with my meduci tuner and my Boston Acoustics HD Recepter.   The meduci put the Boston Acoustics to shame.   By the way, I run the meduci through the aux input of the Boston Acoustics.   The [meduci tuner] is far superior.   Thanks." --Roger C. from Rutherfordton, North Carolina, USA

"The tuners produce excellent sound, and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to experience the 6dB enhanced channel separation over FM stereo that they provide.   You can quote me on that." --Timoshenko A. from Canberra, Australia

"Now a word about your receiver.   After you were kind enough to send the schematic, and with ample time to study it, I again applaud your efforts.   This is a no frills receiver on the outside, but well designed on the inside, where it counts.   The tuned RF front end, and associated circuits inside are well thought out, and the performance is a reminder of the fine receivers made by McIntosh in the late 1950's and the McKay Dymek receivers made up into the late 1970's.   It is a true high performance piece of equipment.   If a radio station does not sound crisp and full, it's not your radio.   It is the station, and they need to seek competent Engineering help as soon as possible.   Considering the limits placed on AM transmissions today with the NRSC-1 and the RF mask, this receiver is quite a performer.   Automobile manufacturers would be wise to finally keep their end of the bargain and put the kind of circuits found in your [tuner] in their product.   The proof is in the listening.   I for one applaud your efforts.   For the dollar, it is a real bargain. ...   I believe this is the finest product since the Sony SRF-A100, which I have put side-by-side." -- Joe D., Chief Engineer (Retired), from Ashville, Alabama, USA

"The new Motorola decoder seems to deal with troublesome AM Stereo reception quite well.   This particular station has some trouble with distorted audio in one channel, I feel that this decoder actually reduced it slightly over my forced stereo receiver." -- Matt T. from Brisbane, Australia

"Radio arrived Monday and I had a chance to test it that night.   Didn't have a stereo amp to hook it to, but got a solid pilot indication on KCJJ.   I was amazed at how little antenna it needed for good reception.   Only a slight difference between a 2' clip lead and a stretched out slinky. ...   Excellent item; well packed; very fast delivery.   Highly recommended!" -- Scott T., Chief Engineer, from Eagan, Minnesota, USA

"The tuner works great in my D.C area!   Picked up New York and Boston quite clearly even at night when stations reduce power.   Jeff gives good info on antennas to use with active ferrite loops, reducing interference from other directions.   Connecting this tuner to my Yamaha preamp with Bass, Mid, and Treble, boost and cut, makes the AM sound much like FM.   From further away too!   AM stations that play music are now a real treat!   AM is not just talk radio.   Latino and country stations play music, and the tuner really shines on these.   I love the digital frequency display.   Between the station frequency and my tunable antenna frequency, I use the Internet to find the station frequency, then I only need to rock the antenna tuning to get a good peak.   I also rotate the ferrite to focus on the station and reject all others at night.   You really need a rotatable loop as a Spatial Filter because so-called Clear Channels exist now only on each side of the Mississippi.   (My Bronx Cheer goes to the FCC for this!)   With AM, still, you should remember to tell the family to set dimmers to full-on or full-off to avoid their buzzing interference.   If you love AM, and are not happy with the AM section of your tuner or receiver, get the tuner. ...   I'm glad I bought one." -- Tony Di, W4DIB, Potomac Falls, Virginia, USA

"Excellent communication and quick delivery to Australia.   Great product too!" -- Marc M. from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

"Just wanted to send a thank you for my meduci AM Stereo Radio.   Works great using the C.Crane Twin Coil Ferrite Antenna; better than the Terk AM Advantage Antenna. -- Graham Leslie M JP, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia







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